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When it comes to complex fusions of true international flavors prepared and seasoned to perfection, Hatian-born Chef Ivan Dorvil is the one to call on. A long-time graduate of Le Cordon Blue Culinary Masters School, Chef Ivan blends this foundation into his own cuisine of warm and soulful dishes. His passion leads him to eagerly master his talent and be revolutionary.“Our diverse food experiences give us a common ground and it offers an inside look into each of our unique cultural identities. It offers a reference point from which to share in one another’s lives. Cook House was born from this idea. The opportunity to travel the country and the Caribbean has allowed me to share my knowledge as an immigrant and a new American, and has also given me the chance to learn from others. I love to pay tribute to the people and flavors that make this country a wonderful place to live. To me, our food is yet further proof of America’s open heart, its limitless capacity to embrace change and reinvent itself, its insatiable hunger for new experiences. To me life is fifty % food, fifty % love, neither of which should be less than perfect. Food plus love equal peace.”

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